DREEEM "Day & Night" Journal
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DREEEM "Day & Night" Journal

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This dream journal (featuring "It's a Bit of a Reach" on the front cover and "It Dawns on Me" on the back) was designed to remind you that the key to transforming your dreamlife lies in what you do just before sleep and right after waking.

It's been proven in the lab that the key to improving your dream recalland a crucial step toward lucid dreamingis recording whatever you can remember of your dreams immediately after waking up. This trains your brain to not forget your dreams, teaches you how to recognize dreamsigns and promotes a higher general awareness of your dreamlife.

Meanwhile, lucid dream practitioners recommend writing down your thoughts and reflections on the day just before going to bed allowing your subconscious mind to leave the day behind, effectively 'clearing your cache' and freeing your mind of emotions and impressions it otherwise would have brought into your dreams. It also has the added benefit of priming your unconscious to recognize it is about to dream making it easier to realize when you are dreaming.

Following these two practices will give you a more restful, unencumbered and moldable dream life.


Details about this item:

  • 48 pages
  • 70lb acid free paper with a creamy white smooth finish
  • HD resolution colour print
  • Scuff resistant velvet ultra matte laminate cover
  • Printed and hand bound with high durability tacky glue.